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Use Unique and Hard to Guess Login Information
Change your PIN or password regularly. Do not choose a PIN or password that contains personal information such as your birthday or Social Security number; an attacker might be able to guess these. Regardless of the circumstances, NEVER give anyone access to your current PIN number or password.

Protect Your Devices
Install anti-virus, firewall, and anti-spyware programs on your devices and keep them up to date. Installing and updating your devices helps protect them against unauthorized access. Enable automatic updates for these programs or, if prompted, download system updates as soon as they are available.

Check Your Account Balance(s) Regularly
Timing is a factor in your response to unauthorized electronic fund transactions. If you receive a paper account balance, make sure that you reconcile it with your online balance.

Do Not Access Your Account from Public Locations
Avoid using unsecured or public network connections (for example, at a coffee shop or library). As a general rule, you should avoid using any device that other people can freely access to prevent unauthorized access of your information. 

If Your Account Is Compromised, Take Immediate Action
Contact the bank as soon as possible if you discover any transactions on your account that you did not authorize.