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Northfield Bank's OPEN Campaign is designed to educate its customers and the general public about the importance of removing barriers to banking services in the areas of information, services and passageways.

OPEN – which stands for Obstacles Prevent Equal Navigation – promotes the many ways we offer access to our banking services for all members of our community, including those with certain challenges. By taking advantage of the various OPEN features, everyone can enjoy a wide range of accounts and services designed to make banking easier and more convenient.

OPEN Website
The informational Northfield Bank website is compliant with all Priority One requirements, as well as most Priority Two requirements, as set forth in the World Wide Web Consortium's recommendations for web content accessibility guidelines. The website is navigable and viewable by non-graphical, text-only browsers.

OPEN Online Banking and Bill Payment
Northfield Bank also offers free Online Banking and free Bill Payment. Through our online banking service, you can monitor current balances for your Northfield accounts; pay bills online; sign up to receive bills electronically; establish account alerts to receive automatic messages about your account activity by text message or email; monitor copies of cleared checks online and download past statements.

OPEN Telephone Banking
You can also obtain account information via Northfield's free Telephone Banking service.

OPEN Statements and Other Documents
Northfield Bank offers large print text options for statements, including large images of checks. Simply contact your local branch to activate this option. We also honor requests for reasonable accommodations for other documents such as product disclosures, fee schedules, and product brochures. Contact the OPEN Coordinator (below) to make such a request.

OPEN Branches
When you visit our branch locations, our knowledgeable staff and welcoming environment will make you feel right at home. Branch locations with parking lots offer accessible parking spaces. ADA-compliant teller windows or ADA-designated customer service desks are located at every branch to make banking transactions easier. At selected branches, you also have the option of banking at the drive-up lane from the comfort of your vehicle.(1)

Access your Northfield accounts through ATMs throughout the United States and the world. At Northfield ATMs located at our branches in Staten Island, New Jersey and Brooklyn, there are no fees for withdrawals, transfers and balance inquiries. You'll find our ATMs outside some branch locations, inside others, and at certain drive-up lanes.

Northfield Talking ATMs deliver private, spoken instructions available by use of your headset that plugs into an audio jack. Created for people who are visually impaired, they feature every capability that our non-Talking ATMs once featured, allowing you to get cash, transfer money between accounts, check account balances, and make deposits and payments.(2) Any mini-plug headset will work with our Talking ATMs.

OPEN Communications
Upon request, Northfield Bank can communicate with its customers via TTY and TDD lines.

OPEN Coordinator
We strive to make reasonable accommodations to improve accessibility in our branch locations. If you find that access to any information, service, or passageway is blocked, please contact us and we'll do our best to remove the barrier.(3)

Additional comments, questions or concerns regarding effective communication or accessibility at Northfield Bank may be directed to the OPEN Coordinator in several ways:

Phone: (833) 301-NFBK
Mail: Northfield Bank OPEN Coordinator, 581 Main Street, Suite 810, Woodbridge, NJ 07095

  1. Although certain transactions may only be conducted in the branch.
  2. Not all transactions are available at all ATMs.
  3. Advance notice may be required.
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