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Card Hub

Card Hub

Gain greater control over your Northfield Visa Debit Card with our mobile app.  Set spending limits, receive alerts, track your spending, and more!

Account Details

  • Quickly enroll cards to your digital wallet
  • View merchants and recurring payments
  • Turn cards on an off
  • Establish transaction alerts
  • Quickly report cards as lost or stolen
  • Display full card information without the physical card

Service Highlights

  • Understand Spending Habits

    Understand Spending Habits

  • Alerts


  • Control Card Usage

    Control Card Usage

Get spending insight analytics for what, when, and where transactions are occurring.

Understand Spending Habits

View suspicious activity and fight fraud by establishing alerts based on specific transaction criteria.


Enable controls to restrict card usage based on location, spend limit, merchant type, and transaction type.

Control Card Usage
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